Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is Omatochi different from other local and national caregiving providers?


A:  At Omatochi, caregiving is more than a job; it’s a calling. Omatochi verifies each caregiver personally so you can be assured the match is the ideal fit for your needs. Other caregiving providers only offer referrals.


Q: Several local caregiver providers in my area have been around for years. Why should I choose Omatochi over them?


A: At Omatochi, we believe in relationships, not transactions. We build relationships with our clients, our caregivers, and the communities we serve. In addition, we provide leading-edge technology via our Family App that keeps all family members connected and your aged, loved one’s vitals available 24/7.


 Q: How long have you been in the caregiving business?


A: Omatochi was born to solve the growing need to care for an aging population. Omatochi has over +20 combined years of experience in this and other health-related fields.


 Q: Who can benefit from Omatochi programs the most?


 A: In-home care helps individuals who need assistance with daily living activities. For example, if you have difficulty shopping and preparing your meals or bathing independently, a caregiver can help with these tasks. Family members, friends, and others also benefit from in-home care. First, by providing a welcome respite from caregiving, and second, reassurance that their aged loved one’s needs are being met since they cannot provide the care themselves.


Q: I’d like to learn more about the process and everything required. How can I contact you?


A: Give us a call at (925) 905-1662 or email at, and our Family Care Advisors will reach out and book a call back to discuss our plans and options.

Q: How do I start with Omatochi? Can I meet my caregiver first before the service begins?


 A: Contact your nearest family care advisor with your senior home care questions. Our staff will come to your home and conduct a free, no-obligation home care assessment. We will then, at your direction, identify caregivers who have the skills, personality, and availability to assist you. Next, you can meet the caregiver; if you approve, they will begin working for you.

Overall, the process takes about 1-2 weeks to set up.

Q: How much does in-home care cost? Are Omatochi home care services covered by insurance or Medicare?


 A: The cost of hiring a caregiver depends on how much assistance you need—home care services from 4 to 24 hours a day. Depending upon your needs, home care is often the least expensive approach compared to assisted living or nursing home costs.

Some Long-Term care insurance policies cover home care services. Our fees are competitive with other full-service home care agencies, and you can view our current rates with one of our in-home care team specialists. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call (925) 905-1662 so we can learn more about your needs.

Q: How is the privacy of my personal information maintained? How much information will you share with my family?


 A: We are always HIPAA compliant. We follow all applicable federal and state personal and healthcare information privacy guidelines.

This starts once we have a legal services agreement and before a caregiver even comes to your family member’s home. The written service agreement includes the exact restrictions on the use of your information, which clarifies that even unauthorized individuals will not be given access to information without a client’s – or legally authorized representative’s – formal consent.

Your information is never sold to a third party under any circumstances. Only the office personnel and caregivers directly involved in your services will have access to information related to the care of your loved one.

And in terms of sharing information with your family, we never share more than you are comfortable with us sharing. We provide a HIPAA form to fill out for both your medical providers and family members. You can make changes at any time to your privacy level.

 Q: Do you have a referral program? How can I refer a loved one to Omatochi?


 A: Yes, we do! For home care referrals, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each home care plan is different, and we will accommodate and provide attractive referral compensation. Strong word-of-mouth recommendations are what we strive for at Omatochi.



Q: Do you provide overnight care? Are Omatochi caregivers available 24/7, including holidays? What if I need to change the caregiver’s schedule?


A: Yes. Home care services can be provided 4 to 24 hours a day. We can schedule our caregivers around the hours that you need us.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Family Care Advisors to update your schedule preferences.

Q: I understand you have different plans based on a certain number of hours per week. How do I upgrade or downgrade the number of hours, and can I customize my package for services not listed?


 A: You can upgrade to the next level package at the posted price or add individual hours at a defined rate. Please schedule this additional time at least one week in advance to determine caregiver availability.

To downgrade, you can change the package level anytime; don’t hesitate to contact your Family Care Advisors to update your care plan.

For additional services you request, share a detailed list of what you need, and we can either accommodate you or provide you with a referral. Just contact your Family Care Advisor for the updates required.


Q: What in-home care services does Omatochi provide?


 A: Omatochi primarily provides non-medical home care. Our services align with our core values and purpose to provide senior care with integrity and quality of life. We believe that our seniors can happily live a quality lifestyle at home while integrating with family, friends, and the community.


A caregiver provides seniors and other adults assistance at home to manage their physical well-being and social health. Caregivers provide companionship, personal care, and other quality of life services. This can include mobility and safety assistance, help serving meals and light housekeeping, transportation to appointments and social events, and activities that encourage engagement, purpose, connection, and joy.

NOTE: there is no limit to age for caregiving services at Omatochi. We are here to serve you.


 Q: Can Omatochi help with wound care and dispensing medications?

 A: We are not licensed to provide any medical services but will notify you when that changes.

What we can provide is reminding individuals to take their medications. It’s a fact:  medication reminders are one of our most requested services. We can also report any side effects and assist with pre-measured medication packages. However, our licensure does not allow us to administer medications, including insulin injections.

 Q: What precautions do you take with Covid and caregiving?


A: Our team follows COVID protocols as outlined by the CDC. We cover this in detail during our initial meeting together.



Q: How can I fully trust your caregivers? Are they insured, bonded, and trained?


 A: Yes. All our caregivers are extensively trained to provide you with the best and most compassionate care. We make sure they deliver with integrity. That’s our promise to you. At Omatochi, we offer a unique experience where our caregivers are fully insured, bonded, trained, and aligned with our core values.


Q: Tell me more about how the caregiver selection process works. Do I have a choice of who comes to my home? Can I choose my caregiver?


 A: Yes, our team will take the guesswork out of matching the right caregiver to you and your family. Caregivers are matched to you based on clinical assessment, services, care plan, availability, and logistics. We will always do our best to accommodate any requests you may have for a change in caregivers (as allowed by law).

After you receive your home care assessment, we will place you in contact with your local Family Care Advisor. The advisor will review your home care assessment, meet with you and then work with you to choose the best caregiver and plan. This specialized program can play a big part in making your loved one’s care at home a success.

Q: Will my family member always receive care from the same caregiver?


 A: We work to find the best caregiver to assist your loved one. Research shows that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a successful home care experience. Continuity of care is a priority at Omatochi.

We consider the schedule and hours per week in assigning your caregiver. If your loved one receives care many hours a day or at different times throughout the week, scheduling more than one caregiver in a given week may be necessary.

If your family requires multiple caregivers, our goal is the same: we want you to be satisfied and happy. We’ll do exactly that to achieve that goal.


Q: How can I access the app, and is it free?


 A: The Omatochi Family App is available for instant download from The App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android.)


Q: I’m not that technical. Is the Family App easy to use?


 A: Yes! The Family App has been tested with people just like you. Their feedback helped us make the app easy to use, navigate and find exactly what you need – fast!


Q: I’m still not convinced I need the Family App. Where can I learn more about it?


 A: We understand. And we want our clients and app users to be informed and knowledgeable to make the best decisions regarding their aged loved ones. Please check out our Family App page to learn more.