Meet Our In-Home Health Aides

Our success lies in the quality of their service and well being.

Omatochi’s proven process invests the needed time to meticulously understand our clients and their families. We personally vet and interview each Aide to ensure that they share our values and are invested in our core pillars of service, beyond a thorough background check.

Amanda Lee

Adam Cheise

Mike Stuart

Caring for our seniors includes caring for our In-Home Health Aides.

The quality of care that our In-Home Health Aides provide is only as strong as the support we give them.


Oftentimes, In-Home Health Aides feel isolated from their peers, adding to the compounded feelings of burnout and under-appreciation. That’s why we provide opportunities for connection with other In-Home Health Aides at Omatochi via an online community and in-person gatherings. We also believe in the power of shared wisdom and encourage our In-Home Health Aides to share care tips and best practices that they’ve collected along the way.


We ensure that our In-Home Health Aides are up-to-date with the latest information on care and regulatory requirements by providing access to on-the-job training, online courses, and ongoing in-house mentorship.


We’re not just making it easy for families to have access to the senior’s daily life; we’re also making it easy for our In-Home Health Aides to provide the best senior care via our Family App. In the In-Home Health Aide’s profile, they’ll be able to report pertinent information like meals, activities, and outings, and refer to the most up-to-date care plan for the senior, equipping them to handle sensitive situations and ever-changing care needs.

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