Omatochi, featured on Canvas Rebel.

The disruptive magazine dedicated to entrepreneurship and business innovation, Canvas Rebel, has spoken to Omatochi’s CEO, Deka Dike, to talk about organizational development, company values, and the future of the senior healthcare industry.


A history of innovation in the senior healthcare industry


Omatochi was founded based on Deka’s personal experience and arrived to provide cutting-edge alternatives to elderly care.

“Omatochi would have helped with all of my father’s daily living activities, coordinate his medical appointments, track his medication intake, and provide real-time support and comfort for our entire family.”

Deka identified a lack in the senior care system that would make a huge difference to seniors’ lives and the families facing the aging process of their loved ones.

“The more research I did to validate Omatochi’s need in the market, the more I knew that, as a society, we were collectively, and woefully, unprepared for the inevitable – millions of Boomers aging and needing additional care and support.”

As a result, Omatochi was created to revolutionize the industry, providing help to seniors and peace of mind to families. We combine human touch and high-tech to offer unparalleled Senior Care.


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