Omatochi offers three levels of support when daily tasks become too much to handle. Our caregivers assist clients in maintaining everyday routines and independence, ultimately improving the overall quality of life for when it matters most.

Our Care Packages

Lite - 15 hours per week 

Standard - 25 hours per week 

Premium - 35 hours per week

  • Dressing and grooming
  • Bathing and Toileting
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Grocery shopping’
  • Various social activities
  • Various physical activities
  • Technology training

If services include use of the client’s personal funds:

The Agency will obtain an authorization from the client/responsible party, for access to personal funds when grocery or other shopping services are to be provided and when those services include assistance with bill paying or any activities, such as shopping, that involve access to or use of client funds.

Your needs are important to us

Our sole focus will be to work closely with you and your family to offer the schedule and care needed for your loved one to live comfortably and safely.

Quality Care Management

Our experienced team of care management specialists and friendly companions ensure the highest quality of care is consistently provided. We will closely monitor your care plan and quickly respond to any changes. 

Peace of Mind for Our Clients and Their Families

At Omatochi, we know that you can’t always be there, but we can. We give you peace of mind by listening to each area of need and creating a plan together with the family to promote the best quality of care. To promote the best care, we periodically discuss each phase of the care plan with the family and update it to ensure the utmost quality of service.

We bring you peace of mind by treating your loved one with the highest level of care,  providing informed periodical feedback, making sure we follow the updates and changes agreed upon.

We make it our everyday goal to make sure that each client benefits and feels a little more joy and peace by the service we bring along with our “whatever the client needs” attitude. We strive always to exceed expectations and offer service that is beyond the standard. We prepare our clients for the best possible experience and take the utmost care in setting up ideal solutions that both please and improve the lives of our clients.

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