Omatochi’s Business Model: Why we believe it is key to our success!

Deka Dike founded Omatochi because of her own personal experience struggling to manage the care of an aging parent. Years ago, her dad’s health began to rapidly decline, and without much warning or preparation, her mom became his primary caregiver. She was overwhelmed with the fear of knowing that her husband wasn’t in good health, and struggled to remember important details like medication names, dosages, and other relevant information. Deka was thousands of miles away in the US and the weight of the situation was almost too much for her to bear.  

Omatochi would have provided a highly skilled caregiver for Deka’s dad and much needed peace of mind to her and her mother. Omatochi would have helped with all of Deka’s father’s daily living activities, coordinate his medical appointments, track his medication intake, and provide real-time support and comfort for her mom and her entire family. That support would have been a blessing for Deka’s whole family, and now we’ve built Omatochi to be that for other families. 

At Omatochi, we have developed a system to remediate all the worry and stress that accompanies supporting and caring for a loved one. Our team provides a holistic solution tailored to your family members’ specific needs. With our personalized and family-focused in-home care that is enhanced by our 24/7 Family App, so that you always have peace of mind. 

What makes it personalized?

Each senior is thoughtfully matched with an In-Home Health Aide who aligns with their interests and lifestyle needs, and we go the extra mile by creating a personalized social activities calendar to rejuvenate and enhance their social life.

Why is the Family App so special?

The app provides an extensive range of features tailored to support seniors’ well-being and offers reassurance to their families. From care reports and safety & health monitoring to social activities and medication management, the app streamlines care coordination. Additionally, features like text, voice & video communication, rate & review capabilities, and access to medical team contacts and the care team ensure a holistic caregiving experience, enhancing the quality of care delivered to seniors. 

Our commitment to enhancing communication extends beyond technology; at Omatochi, we prioritize fostering strong partnerships and regular collaboration between our caregivers, seniors, and their families. 

Our dedicated team at Omatochi understands the importance of regular communication and collaboration with both the senior and their family members. We provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that everyone involved feels heard, valued, and informed every step of the way. By fostering a strong partnership between our caregivers, seniors, and their families, we strive to create a warm and nurturing environment where seniors can thrive and families can find peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in capable hands. 

Let the Omatochi team take away your worries.