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The solution to maintaining your loved one’s independence and autonomy while aging in place!

Omatochi’s Care Assistants facilitate your aging loved one’s everyday life.

Omatochi's Care Assistants are dedicated to facilitating your aging loved one's everyday life. We provide various services and support to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Here are the key functions offered by Omatochi's Care Assistants:

Appointment Scheduling

Our Care Assistants help schedule appointments, including doctor's visits, home cleaning and maintenance services, transportation, lifestyle and fitness appointments, pet grooming, and more. They ensure your loved one's schedule is well-organized and coordinated.

Virtual Help

Our Care Assistants provide valuable tech support and offer resources and information specifically tailored to the needs of aging individuals. They assist with dealing with insurance matters, travel plans and are available to address any questions, thoughts, or concerns your loved one may have.

Deliveries Coordination

To make life easier, our Care Assistants coordinate pick-up and delivery times for essential items such as prescription medications, groceries, packages, and more. They ensure that your loved one receives their necessities promptly and conveniently.


We understand the importance of social connections in combating isolation and enhancing the aging experience. Our Care Assistants connect your loved one with resources, entertainment options, and individuals who share their interests. They strive to eliminate social isolation and make aging more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Social Calendar

Our Care Assistants work closely with your loved one to create a customized social calendar. This calendar is designed to keep them engaged in activities they love, such as going to the movies, attending sports events, shopping, and more. We aim to enhance their quality of life and overall well-being by incorporating their interests.

Omatochi Family App

Our advanced Omatochi Family App is a central hub for your loved one's care circle. This app ensures that the entire care network remains connected and informed. It keeps everyone updated with detailed care reports, safety and health monitoring features, an instant messaging system for seamless communication, and notifications about social activities.

Omatochi's Care Assistants provide comprehensive support and assistance, empowering your aging loved one to maintain independence, enjoy life, and receive the care they deserve.

Act today to ensure your loved ones never have to struggle alone.  

Try Omatochi’s Virtual Care Plan and empower them with the support they need to maintain their independence and autonomy. 

What Our Virtual Care Plans Do for You.

At Omatochi, we offer Virtual Care Plans designed to support your loved one's aging journey and help them age in place with peace and independence. The option of in-person assistance from our dedicated In-Home Health Aides complements our virtual care services.

Here's how our Virtual Care Plans benefit you and your loved one:

Promote Independence and Privacy:

By entrusting us with the little tasks that consume time, energy and cause stress, we aim to give your loved one the freedom to live independently and maintain their privacy. We aim to ease their workload and make their life a little easier.

Wide Range of Assistance:

Our Care Assistants can assist with various tasks, from setting up new technology to coordinating deliveries for your loved one's needs. They can also create a social calendar with events and activities to combat social isolation.

In-Person Assistance:

When your loved one requires in-person assistance, we offer services such as appointment accompaniment, social companionship for events and activities, medication management, and home safety monitoring. Our care approach aims to address your loved one's physical, social, and mental well-being comprehensively.

Enhancing Your Loved One's Life, Allowing Quality Time Together:

At Omatochi, our services go beyond simplifying your loved one's life – we also strive to alleviate caregiving burdens on you. By taking care of the necessary details to maintain their quality of life, we enable you to prioritize what truly matters – creating meaningful moments with your loved one. Our dedicated team handles administrative tasks and provides comprehensive care, allowing you to focus on cherishing quality time together. With our support, you can enjoy peace of mind and make the most of your caregiving journey.

Add-On Services:

Caregiver Hours

Upon request and subject to availability, our In-Home Health Aides can provide in-person assistance as needed.


Accompaniment and transportation to medical appointments, events, and social activities. Additional fees may apply after the allotted mileage has been reached.

Virtual Companion

Our easy-to-use device keeps aging adults independent and connected to their care circle.

Fitness Mirror

This smart device connects to the internet and enables professional exercise classes in the comfort of your loved one's home.

At Omatochi, we are committed to providing comprehensive care that enhances the well-being of your loved one and simplifies your life, allowing you to cherish meaningful moments together.

"Hi, all! On behalf of our family, I just want to tell you how impressed we continue to be regarding the professionalism, kindness and support shown to us by everyone with your company. We are very excited to have you as partners in caregiving."

We understand that as your loved one ages, they may require extra help. But you also want to ensure they can continue living with privacy and independence. That’s where our virtual care system comes in!

With Omatochi’s Virtual Care Plan, you don’t need in-home care for your loved one to receive support with everyday tasks. Our virtual care assistant is unobtrusively available whenever they need it and with the utmost respect for their privacy. 

From managing medications to keeping track of appointments, our virtual care assistant can help your loved one with almost every aspect of their day. We are here to facilitate everyday tasks, ensuring their life is as stress-free as possible.

During these in-home visits, your IHHA will ensure your home’s safety and offer support with essential activities. They can assist you with shopping trips, medication pick-ups, and meal preparation, ensuring that your daily needs are handled.

This combination of virtual and in-person support allows you to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of virtual assistance while benefiting from the personal touch of occasional in-home care. 

With our comprehensive approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated team looking out for your well-being. Whether it’s managing appointments, providing guidance, or ensuring your home is safe and comfortable, we are here to support you every step of the way. Experience the perfect balance of virtual support and in-home care, allowing you to live life to the fullest while meeting your needs with care and compassion. 

Virtual Care FAQs

The Virtual Care Plan offers remote support through trained Virtual Care Assistants who assist with daily tasks, medication reminders, scheduling appointments, companionship, and more. 

We prioritize data security and comply with strict privacy measures to safeguard your loved one’s information and maintain confidentiality. 

Our Virtual Care Assistants undergo extensive training and possess the necessary expertise to provide high-quality care and support. 

Our Virtual Care Assistant utilizes the Omatochi Family App, ensuring secure communication through video calls, phone calls, and messaging. You can stay connected with your aging adult and receive regular updates, providing peace of mind at all times. 

The Virtual Care Assistant can help with medication reminders and schedule medical appointments, ensuring your loved one’s health is well-managed. 

While the Virtual Care Plan is not typically covered by insurance or Medicare, we recommend checking with your insurance provider to explore options. 

Yes, we offer a trial period so you can experience the benefits of our Virtual Care Plan before making a long-term commitment. 


Our Virtual Care Assistants are available to support and communicate with your loved one as needed, ensuring their well-being is a top priority. 

We offer Blended Care and Total Care options for in-person care or physical tasks, providing personalized support based on your loved one’s needs. 

Absolutely! We tailor the Virtual Care Plan to suit your loved one’s requirements and preferences. 

You can access the Omatochi Family App via the app store. The app facilitates seamless communication with the Virtual Care Assistant and provides real-time updates on your loved one’s care and activities. 

You can reach our dedicated support team via phone, email, or the app. 

Our billing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. We offer various payment options to suit your convenience. 

We carefully match Virtual Care Assistants based on their skills and compatibility with your loved one’s personality and interests. 

We are flexible and responsive to your loved one’s changing needs. Our care plan can be adjusted accordingly to ensure the best possible support.

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