Omatochi & VetAssist Partnership Launch

Omatochi is partnering with Veteran’s Home Care to make in-home care more accessible to our veterans. We understand how difficult the process of finding the right in-home care is, and we are here to help. As partners, Veteran’s Home Care will help to apply to the programs you’re eligible for, and Omatochi will provide you with tailored in-home care.

 VetAssist supports each family with personalized VA advice, studying your specific situation and counseling you in your application. Omatochi provides every family with a designated Family Care Advisor. They act as the communication bridge between the care team, the family, and the senior. Our teams work in tandem to help your family make the best care decisions for your veteran and enhance their quality of life.

 At Omatochi, aging should be a time of comfort, connection, and happiness. That’s why we’ve created an integrated approach that focuses on the entire well-being of seniors – their physical health, emotional well-being, social life, and mental happiness.
 Our caregivers ensure that every day is filled with activities and events that bring joy and fulfillment while helping clients stick to prescribed diets, exercise, and medications.
 VetAssist provides your veteran with a Virtual Companion that reduces isolation and loneliness and keeps your veteran safe at home.

Talk to our team and learn more about tailored In-home care for your veteran or surviving spouse. Click here.